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Christmas Eve

  • 5pm: Bi-Lingual Family Service (English and Spanish)
    A short and sweet service especially for families, children and all the young at heart. Come, experience a vibrant, eclectic, absolutely unique presentation of the Christmas story. We hope you will participate in the blessed event. Come early so you can choose your costume from our trunks of pageant finery. Extra angel wings and halos are always appreciated. Following the service there will be punch, cookies and carols and plenty of joy to go around.
  • 9:30pm: Choir and congregational singing of Christmas music.
  • 10pm: Festival Eucharist
    Congregational carols, choir music, and music for organ. The liturgy begins with candle lighting, and a party follows the service (bring food or drink to share).

Christmas Day

  •  10:30am: Holy Eucharist
    A simple service with Christmas hymns and sermon.


Finding Center
Finding Center, St. Stephen’s new Saturday evening contemplative service, starts on Saturday, January 3. The service will take place every Saturday from 5:30-6:15pm. Spiritual centering is the focus of the service, which will include silence, chant, music, poetry, communion and contemplation. The service will draw mostly from Christian traditions, with a commitment to inclusive language. Spiritually uplifting pieces from other traditions (religious and artistic) will also be included. Following the service, there will be some light refreshments to facilitate conversation and fellowship. Read more about Finding Center here.

A Sermon Worth Hearing
"...Yesterday morning I drove over to Anacostia...I parked my car a little bit down from the Big Chair and got out and started talking to people...I asked them 'What would you preach about if you were preaching this Sunday?' Bo, a man in his 30's said that the police use excessive force a lot in Washington DC, and he said to me, 'Why am I paying taxes just to have the police follow me and harrass me? Why am I paying taxes for that?' Paulette, a woman who lives in Barry Farms...told me that whenever her daughters are out after dark, she is afraid for them. Not afraid that they would get mugged or raped, but that the police would hurt them." Listen to the Dec. 7 sermon by the Rev. Linda Kaufman here.

Small Group Opportunities

We Make the Road by Walking is the new book by Brian McLaren; its 52 chapters taken us through the year and help us better understand what it means to follow Jesus. Every Monday evening at 7pm, parishioners gather at the church to discuss the chapter for that week. You are invited to attend any Monday evening you wish.

Faith Matters is our Thursday evening opportunity for faith growth and starts with light fare and ends just after 9pm with the short prayer service Compline, which will be sung with the 10:30 service choir. Anyone is welcome to come to as few or as many Thursday night Faith Matters gatherings as they wish. Topics for each week’s gathering will be announced on our "This Week" page.

Visit Our History Site
St. Stephen's Church has a long and rich history, and we are presenting it on our historical website. You can add your own photos and memories and view materials from the church's archives.







St. Stephen's is the Episcopal church in Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant
1525 Newton Street NW * Washington, DC 20010
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