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  • We Make the Road by Walking Drop-In Group: Every Monday, 7:30pm, at St. Stephen’s
  • We Make the Road by Walking Commitment Group: Every other Tuesday, 7:30pm, in homes
  • Faith Matters: Every Thursday, 7:30pm, at St. Stephen’s

We Make the Road by Walking is the new book by Brian McLaren; its 52 chapters taken us through the year and help us better understand what it means to follow Jesus. Each chapter includes a few Bible passages, a brief meditation on a theme from those passages, and questions for reflections. Anyone is welcome to come to as few or as many Monday night meetings as they wish. The Tuesday evening group is geared specifically towards young adults and seeks members who can commit to fairly regular attendance.

Faith Matters is our new Thursday evening opportunity for faith growth and starts with lite fare and ends just after 9pm with the short prayer service Compline, which will be sung with the 10:30 service choir. Anyone is welcome to come to as few or as many Thursday night Faith Matters gatherings as they wish. Topics for each week’s gathering will be announced on our "This Week" page.

A Sermon Worth Reading
"...Then I heard about Ferguson, where 70% of the population is black and there are 100 cops (three black); one black elected official. Where there is de facto voter suppression.  If you arrest enough people and charge them with felonies and then deny voting rights to felons, then you have voter suppression, right?  Folks don’t even bother to register or vote.  What’s the point, anyway? Where the head of the Missouri Republican Party said it was disgusting that people were fanning political and racial flames in Ferguson.  And what were they doing that was so offensive?  Registering voters! ...

"And it is just like Exodus.  Did you hear it???  Since the time of Moses, when the minority oppresses the majority, the minority is afraid, and they should be.  The economic elites take advantage of the poor – and keep them poor and grind them into subjection. And this always happens: eventually there is a revolt. It becomes too much and it explodes. 

"Pharaoh is afraid of the men. So he systematically goes about killing the male babies.  The majority men are scary … have you heard that before?  Maybe Michael Brown was too scary for the police in Ferguson; maybe Trayvon Martin was too scary for George Zimmerman.  Maybe even unarmed black men are so scary that we have to find ways today to eliminate them..."

Read the Rev. Linda Kaufman's August 24 sermon here.

St. Stephen's Marks the 40th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women Priests
Forty years ago three events took place that paved the way for women to be ordained priests—and which rocked the Episcopal Church. On July 29, 1974, eleven women were “irregularly” ordained in Philadelphia. On November 10, 1974, the Rev. Alison Cheek—one of the eleven—celebrated the eucharist at St. Stephen’s Church, the first public celebration of the eucharist by a woman priest. And on September 7, 1975, four more women were “irregularly” ordained priest, at St. Stephen’s. Please mark your calendar now for a very special event. At 10:30am on Sunday, November 9, the Rev. Alison Cheek will celebrate the eucharist at St. Stephen’s, to commemorate the historic first celebration. The Rev. Carter Heyward--another of the Philadelphia eleven--will preach. And the Rev. Lauren Mead, who was on the staff of St. Stephen's at that time, will lead a discussion at 9:15am that day about November 10, 1974. Soon we'll start planning the third event, to happen in the fall of 2015 to commemorate the "irregular" ordinations at St. Stephen's. Read more about these events on our history pages.

Visit Our History Site
St. Stephen's Church has a long and rich history, and we are presenting it on our historical website. You can add your own photos and memories and view materials from the church's archives.







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